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Animal/bird production
Brooders & heaters Brooders Heaters Nests & nesting systems Community/individual With automatic egg collection Nest lining, pads & litter Turkey nests Watering products Nipple types Bowl types Medication systems Cages, rearing & laying Colony housing Aviaries Brooder & rearing Laying Breeder Broiler Feeding systems Auger feeders Feed weighing systems Chain feeders Ad lib feeders Feed carts Feed metering equipment Gravity feeders Pan feeders Egg collection, handling & transport Egg collectors Conveyors Baskets/crates Carts Housing & fixed equipment Ventilating systems Flooring panels, slats/mesh Flooring Air cleaners Flooring-safety mats Turnkey housing installations Plastic panels Insulation materials Environmental air equipment Tunnel doors Incinerators Cooling pads Control panels Air inlets, vents & ducting Cooling systems Fans Humidifiers Dust control systems Air conditioning Manure handling & waste disposal Manure storage systems Ammonia control products Biogas generators Manure dryers Odor control products Manure augers Pit cleaners Manure composting systems Litter treatments Floor scrapers Manure spreaders Algicides Litter materials Aerobic treatment systems Cadaver disposal products Incubation & hatching Vaccinators & needles Chick boxes, trays Beak trimmers Fumigation products Washing & disinfection Egg room coolers & humidifiers Hatching egg handling, candling & transfer Setters & hatchers Tray lining paper Incubators Work tables, benches Hatchers Chick sexing instruments Breeding/genetics Broilers, gp stock Broilers, parent stock Turkeys, gp stock Turkeys, parent stock Layers, gp stock Layers, parent stock Ducks, parent stock Ducks, gp stock Handling equipment Automatic bird catchers Manual catching equipment Bands, leg/wing Breeding supplies Artificial insemination equipment & services Turkey saddles
Feed equipment
Computers, process control, automation & formulation Integrated business software Formulation, ration optimization & modeling software Computer, software & automation services Computer hardware, control panels, interfaces Process control systems & automation software Programmable controllers Processing Extruders Pellet crumblers Pellet-cookers Expanders Pellet mills & pellet presses Conditioners Pellet dies & rolls Extruder wear parts Microwave cookers Feeders Densification equipment Drying & cooling Extruded product dryers Pellet coolers Screens Grain & feedstuff dryers Roaster-dryers Conveying & handling Conveyors Airlocks Slide gates & valves Distributors, diverters & turnheads Elevator buckets Bucket elevators Conveyor parts & supplies Dust, explosion & odor control devices Dust control systems Scalpers Plant vacuum cleaning systems Explosion control devices Odor control devices Air separation Magnetic separators Liquid application Liquid blending devices Flow meters Vacuum infusion & core-coating systems liquid scales Dry flow measuring devices Mixers & blenders Mixers, rotary Premix blenders Molasses & liquid blenders Proportioning, dosing, batching & weighing Liquid proportioning & application systems Scales, macro proportioning Bulk loadout scales Automated batching & weighing systems Scales, micro proportioning Truck scales Automated micro proportioning & dosing systems Rail scales Post-process proportioning & semi-finished product proportio Bulk storage Microingredient bins Bin discharge augers & live bottom systems Bin & tank level & volume indicators Bulk bins & silos Vibrators & pressurized air discharge Bagging & warehousing Pallet racks & warehouse storage Closing, sewing & sealing equipment Bagging scales & weigh-fill equipment Bag conveyors, elevators & flatteners Pallets, mini & standard Warehouse forklifts, manlifts, etc. Palletizers Bar coding & inventory systems Tags & label printers Checkweighers & portable scales Bags, bag stock, bulk bags Pallet wrapping supplies & equipment Tags, labels & fasteners
Feed ingredients
Minerals, macro Calcium Magnesium Potassium Phosphorus Salt Sulfur Minerals, micro Cobalt Selenium Iron Manganese Copper Zinc Iodine Fermentation products Solubles Press cake Meal Premixes Minerals Vitamin-mineral premixes Vitamins Mineral premixes Vitamin premixes Medicated premixes Specialty ingredients Ammonia control & odor control agents Mold inhibitors Microbial products Enzymes Anticaking compounds Pellet binders Flavors, palatability aids, attractants Acidifying agents & organic acids Emulsifiers Surfactants Pigmenting agents Preservatives Egg products Buffers Electrolytes Tracers Multi-enzyme products Oligosaccharides Antioxidants Plant extracts, botanicals, herbs, essential oils Pelleting aids Betaine Lecithin Suspension agents Fat products Vegetable fat Vegetable oil Animal fat Vitamins, fat soluble Vitamin d Vitamin a Vitamin e Vitamin k Amino acids Lysine Methionine Tryptophan Threonine Other amino acids Taurine Vitamins, water soluble Biotin Vitamin b12 Vitamin c Thiamine Riboflavin Pyridoxine Pantothenic acid Niacin Inositol Folic acid Choline Specialty protein products Vegetable products Feather meal Poultry products Meat products Fish & marine products Vegetable protein products Egg products Other red meat co-products Other marine products Fish meals Poultry meat co-products Pig meat co-products Specialty protein products Whey Milk replacers Microbial & fermentation products Microbials Yeast cultures Yeast Minerals, micro Cobalt Iron Zinc Copper Selenium Manganese Iodine Fat & oil products Fatty acids products Specialty fat products Vegetable oils Marine oils Animal fat Industrial co-products Distillers dried grains Corn protein product Mold & mycotoxin control products Mycotoxin control products Mold inhibitors Antibiotics & anticoccidials Anticoccidials Antibiotics Molasses products Molasses Molasses & molasses products
Poultry processing
Cut-up/portioning/deboning Thigh deboners Drumstick deboners Manual deboning equipment Automatic deboning equipment Breast deboners, automatic & manual Trimmers Tables, sharpening systems Boning cones Portioning equipment Knives Scissors, powered Scissors, hand Saws, powered & accessories Further processing ingredients Skinners Massagers & tumblers Saws, powered & accessories Cubing machine Meat slicers Marinating equipment Grinders & mixers Brine systems Sizing systems Emulsifiers Link systems Fryers Forming machines Meat separators Batter, breading machines & equipment Dicers Meat mixers Injectors Stuffers & accessories Patty forming machines & accessories Smokehouses & accessories Coolers & driers Liquid smoke Marinades & rubs Seasonings, flavorings Sauces Carrageenan Batter/breading Freezers Netting ovens Antimicrobial additives Sauce applicators Binders & extenders Slicers-soy protein Flake cutting Freezing, chilling & refrigeration Heat exchangers Freezer equipment Compressors & condensers Ice making equipment Freezing tunnels Cabinets Doors, cold storage warehouse Storage coolers & freezers Egg processing Trays/flats Labeling equipment Cartons Yolk scanner Packaging/liquid eggs Outer cases Case packer Livehaul & catching Coops Automatic catchers Livehaul trucks, cages & carts Catching hooks, poultry Packaging equipment Baskets & containers Trays, prepack Bags, plastic Boxes, cartons & shipping containers Bagging equipment Weighing & sizing Grading & sizing Labelling, poultrymeat Shrink tanks & tunnels Over-wrapping Chicken tying and trussing Clips, tags, seals, string Metal detectors Vacuum packaging Modified atmosphere packaging Netting, plastic wrap Staplers, stitchers, strapping Timers, cooking, disposable Clips, tags, seals Cans Packaging, poultrymeat Bagging equipment Bar code systems Films Tray sealing equipment Pads Trays, foam Trays, molded pulp Patty paper, sheet, rolls Trays, plastic Tray forming machines Canning equipment Trays, paperboard Egg processing Pasteurization Breaking & separating Homogenizers & mixers Spray drying Filtration Chilling Water chillers Water chemicals Air chillers Evisceration Heart harvester Giblet handling Giblet & gizzard removal Automatic evisceration Gizzard peeler Neck cutters Automatic sizing systems Vent removal Oil gland removal systems Liver harvester Crop pullers Lung removal Hock cutter Offal handling Air powered scissors Killing & defeathering Shackles Picking fingers Carcass sizing systems Blood trough Stunners Scalders Overhead conveyor/shackles/components Killers Pickers Singers Bird counters Foot/hock cutters, foot knock-off Sizing systems Packaging, eggs Stamping Sanders & buffers/egg shell Oiling Leak detection Dirt detection Crack detection Automatic case packing Packaging/liquid eggs Egg store humidification & cooling Blood detection Automatic candling Brushes Feather/offal disposal Screens Separators Recirculating pumps By-product plants Feather & offal pumps Automation, robotic Palletizing packaged products Pick and place meat products